Cool indie game idea lets you take photos that you can "go inside"

of Andreas Bertits
Indie game developer Matt Stark posted a video on a game idea that's really cool. You take photos in a level with an instant camera and can then go into these pictures.

Portal demonstrated Indie Games-Developer Matt Stark takes the game principle and makes something of his own. The feature, which he calls "Polaroid Effect", is currently only an idea for a potential game, but looks very interesting.

Build levels from photos

You are in a level that looks very sparse in the prototype. There you take a photo with an instant camera. This photo now becomes an entry point for a new level based on the image. You can rotate the photo and then make changes to the picture yourself. You can watch a video of exactly what that looks like. Objects fall out of the photos or you take a picture of a corridor and then "glue" the picture to a wall at the end of the hall to expand the level.

What exactly emerges from this game idea is currently still unclear. However, it already looks fun and interesting and could bring a new twist to Portal's popular gameplay.

Source: PCGamer

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