Are you already looking forward to the difficult adventures of the action role-playing game Demon's Souls exclusively on the PS5? This month the time has come. To get you in the right mood now, you can watch a new video.

For ten minutes, the video shows you scenes from the original Demon's Souls (buy now € 27.99 ), which was released for the PS3 in early 2009 and juxtaposes the same scenes from the remake. So you can see exactly how the versions differ graphically. You can see a very clear difference. Some PS fans even believe that Demon's Souls shows what a next-gen game should look like.

The remake does not use all the functions of the PS5. For example, you have to do without ray tracing, as it has since turned out. Creative Director Gavin Moore explained this in a recent interview.

"It's like any other graphical enhancement, there is a cost (for implementing ray tracing). If we had ray tracing built into the game it would mean that we would have left something else out for it. There is a limited amount of time in game development," said Moore. "When we started development, we didn't know there was ray tracing in the game, so it wasn't in our original vision. What we wanted to focus on was the locations and the appearance of the characters. Everything is lit in real time with shadows in real time. "

Before that, however, it was still said that ray tracing should be used in the cutscenes. Since there won't be that many of them anyway, it should be bearable that this technology is not used in the remake of Demon's Souls on the PS5.

Source: GamesRadar / Level up

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