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Niantic has announced additional measures for Pokémon GO to help protect players from Corona. This time, the adjustments affect the EX raids as well as the new Pokémon GO combat league and the friendship system.

After Niantic had already made several adjustments to Pokémon GO in response to the coronavirus pandemic (including 30 smoke for a Poké coin in the shop) and events such as the safari zone in St. Louis and the Abra Community Day were canceled until further notice, the developers announced other short-term changes are now known.

These changes, which Niantic announced via Twitter, affect the ex-raids of Pokémon GO, the friendship system and the new fighting league:

Niantic has stated that these adjustments will initially take effect for 30 days (from March 14, 2020), but may continue to apply depending on the development of external circumstances in individual regions of the world. In any case, we will keep you up to date and inform you as soon as we know whether and to what extent Niantic is taking further measures and extending the previous changes.

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