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Games Done Quick has announced a major speedrun event to collect donations for corona sufferers. "Corona Relief Done Quick" is scheduled to take place from April 17 to 19, 2020 via live streams. The money received thereby benefits the organization "Direct Relief".

Games Done Quick's Speedrund events have been known for a few years now not only to break crazy game records, but also to collect a lot of donations for charities. This should not be different, even during the currently difficult period in which the world is strangled by the coronavirus Covid-19.

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To make their contribution to the support, the organizers have announced the "Corona Relief Done Quick" event, which is currently scheduled to take place from April 17 to 19, 2020. Speedrunners from all over the world can currently submit their suggestions on the official website. As soon as all participants have been determined, the complete program will also be available there. The event will be broadcast as a live stream via Games Done Quick's Twitch channel. However, the participants do not come together at a specific location, but demonstrate their skills from home. The funds raised will benefit "Direct Relief", which will buy protective clothing and essential consumer goods for medical personnel around the world.

The organizers also announced that the "Summer Games Done Quick" event, scheduled for June 21-28, had to be postponed due to the current corona crisis. As a new date, they are aiming for August 16-23 in the US city of Bloomington (Minnesota) – in the hope that the health situation has at least calmed down by that day and that such events are allowed. However, a further postponement or even a complete cancellation of the event are not excluded according to the current state of affairs.

Source: Games Done Quick

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