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The big speed run event Corona Relief Done Quick was a great success – also in financial terms. As the organizers have announced, the event raised $ 400,000 in donations to benefit the "Direct Relief".

The large online event "Corona Relief Done Quck" took place from April 17 to 19, 2020, in which numerous speed runners not only fought for best performances and the best possible times, but also donations for the Corona help. In the meantime, the organizers have spoken again and described the event as a complete success – also in financial terms.

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Because during the just three days of the event, donations totaling $ 400,000 were raised. Earlier events in the Done-Quick series had a larger sum, but most of these events also ran significantly longer. Incidentally, the money collected will go to "Direct Relief". This organization uses the donations to buy protective clothing and essential supplies for medical personnel around the world. In this way, the speed runners and the spectators of the event have to contribute to the fight against the currently rampant corona virus.

Source: Games Done Quick

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