After the isolation caused by the spread of the corona virus had already set new records for the number of users of online games and the gaming platform Steam, another record followed last Saturday. So many people were using Steam at the same time.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad points out on Twitter that Steam has broken a new user record. The further spread of the coronavirus and the associated stricter precautions are obviously crucial. Because especially on weekends, people around the world are currently spending more time at home than usual – and apparently use a lot of it for gaming.

A week ago, Steam broke the user record associated with the release of PUBG, which brought 18.5 million concurrent users to the screen, at 20 million. Last Friday it was topped by 21 million simultaneous users and has been there since Saturday at 22 million. An incredible number, but it is obvious that this will be achieved in such a time. As Ahmad writes correctly, gaming is currently a safe leisure activity, even online, where one can maintain social contacts. We'll see if Steam users have any more rashes like this.

Original message from March 16, 2020:

"Many" can even be expressed in exact numbers, because various games and platforms record high numbers of players and set new records. Of course, these numbers cannot be traced back to virus quarantine. But this certainly has a part in it.

Steam is starting with a new player record.

Over 20 million gamers were online at the same time on Sunday, of which 6.4 million have actively played a game, also a new record. Of these 6.4 million, a whole million is attributable to the next record holder: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This makes CS: GO the third game that creates millions of simultaneously active players. The other two are Dota 2 and PUBG.

The other games with a high contribution to the new Steam records were Dota 2 with 700,000, Rainbow Six: Siege with 196,000, GTA 5 with 173,000 and Path of Exile with 115,000. And yes: you can actually see Postal in place 5 of the title with the most simultaneous players.

Another record hunter is Call of Duty: Warzone. The Battle Royale title made it to the weekend to 15 million players 6 million of whom have already been reached within the first 24 hours. For comparison: Apex Legends managed 2.5 million players on the first day. The next few days will show whether Warzone will crack the 25 million Apex Legends within the first week.

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With the schools closed, Fortnite could well be the candidate with the next potential record. As more and more people have to stay at home, there could still be some highs in player numbers waiting for us.