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Corona World is the next satirical game of the Bohemian Browser Ballet, in which you as a nurse will be threatened by numerous infection risks on your way to the supermarket. The title can be played for free in the browser or downloaded for Windows and Mac. The Jump'n'Run is based on models such as Super Mario World. The Bohemian Browser Ballett had already published new browser games on current affairs in recent years.

The Bohemian Browser Ballet team has released another satire game. This time, Corona World is all about the current corona crisis. On the website you can either play the title directly in the browser or download it free of charge for Windows and Mac. We have included the trailer below for you.

"Slip into the role of a nurse who just wants to go shopping in the supermarket after a hard day's work. But be careful! Infection dangers lurk everywhere. Beware of joggers, party people, preppers and infectious children. Strike back by disinfecting your opponents Do you have what it takes to beat Corona once and for all?

The Jump'n'Run is naturally based on models such as Super Mario World. On your way through the world, for example, you collect mouthguards that protect you from the infected. Toilet paper and soap can also be found, among other things. The Bohemian Browser Ballett has published various satire games on current affairs in the past. In 2017, for example, the Bundesfighter 2 Turbo was a Beat'em Up for the Bundestag election. Most recently, a beating game was published with Sani Fighter, which has taken on the Gaffer mentality. The Bohemian Browser Ballet is produced by funk.

Source: Corona World

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