Coronavirus keeps people at home – they find company in video games

The outbreak of the corona virus ensures that many people in China hardly leave their own four walls through a quarantine regulation or their own decision. It can be very lonely, especially for people who live alone.

On the occasion of a CNN Article speak in one Reddit post some players on the consequences of the corona virus. Many people in China rarely leave their home or apartment. A state that is summarized as follows:

"The evenings are empty."

To fill the void, they meet in online games to get into other people's company. Many can work from home, but social life suffers greatly from the situation. Video games help people get back in touch with others.

Here is how mechanic Clement Wen explains the importance of video games:

“I think video games can be a good distraction and help maintain sanity. It calms my mind and prevents me from watching too many corona virus messages, whether they are real or not. ”

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Even people who don't live alone use video games to communicate with others. Jiahui Wang told CNN that despite the family, at some point has the need to talk to other people, Chat services are not the right thing for them, they are video games:

“Since we all spend the whole day at home, the topics of conversation are pretty limited. You have nothing to say very quickly. But when you play together, it feels like there is more to talk about. It's a better way to stay connected. "

The situation in China is certainly terrible for many people, so it is good that they can not only talk to friends, but also share an activity.