from Karsten Scholz
Well-known WoW streamer and youtuber Asmongold recently commented on the launch of the Corruption Merchant in WoW: Battle for Azeroth in a video. For him, this example nicely shows what has been going wrong at Blizzard for years: the developers always deliver good and important features of this kind far too late.

in the current buffedCast we only have the new one Corruption Merchant in WoW: Battle for Azeroth spoken and, despite some discrepancies, drew a rather positive conclusion. For the well-known WoW streamer and youtuber Asmongold, this innovation is just further proof of what has been going wrong at Blizzard for years. We have summarized below what Asmongold specifically criticizes in his video, which you can find below:

  • For Asmon Gold, the newly introduced Corruption Dealer is a good example of what has gone wrong in WoW for a long time and why catch-up mechanisms of this kind are demoralizing and disrespectful for many players.
  • The point is, many players would have preferred to see such a corruption dealer in the game the day the corruption system was introduced.
  • Blizzard uses such comfort and "quality of life" improvements far too often, according to Asmongold, to breathe new life into systems that no longer tease players out of their intended use.
  • Asmongold has many examples of exactly this design philosophy: be it the account-wide essences, the rewards for island expeditions, the Paragon system in BfA or the legendary items in Legion. A clear pattern can be seen here.
  • According to Asmongold, the developers at Blizzard know very well that all of these systems are not well designed at launch because they create unnecessary hurdles, cause frustration and ultimately only stretch the playing time. The improvements then hold them back until the criticism becomes too strong or players increasingly ignore the respective systems.
  • Another problem is that when Blizzard responds to player requests, they never do exactly what the players actually wanted, just something similar. This then causes criticism from the players, which in turn leads the critics of the critics to believe that the players obviously do not even know what they want. However, the players know exactly what they want. It has often happened that they criticized features early on, clearly communicated the problem areas, only to then have to experience that they ended up unchanged in the game. And then it takes months for players to endure the broken system like beta testers until Blizzard finally improves the situation with long-desired changes. Again, he gives the Legendarys in Legion as an example.
  • Blizzard does not deliver what players want, but what Blizzard wants, what players want.

What do you think of the statements? Is Asmongold's criticism justified? Let us know in the comments!

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