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With the introduction of the Contained Contaminants you can buy the desired corruption for your armor. And it doesn't end there! Via Hotfix, the developers of World of Warcraft have also missed out on crafted items to have corruption effects – albeit with some restrictions.

The WoW fans are enthusiastic, then since May 20, 2020, items from Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth – i.e. those that have been available in WoW Patch 8.3.5 in the online role-playing game – have been specifically assigned a different corruption effect, thanks the contained contaminants, which you can find in the mother window in the ventricle in exchange for echoes. And from now on these contained contaminants can do even more than how WoW Community Manager Kaivax in the official forums posted on the night of May 21, 2020 via hotfix that armor items manufactured in Season 4 could be the target of the containment contaminants. So you have freshly sewed a fabric robe that you actually find really cool? Then go to MOTHER to see if you don't want to add a nasty effect!

However, there are a few limitations: Many crafted items become soul-bound as soon as they are crafted, and the use of a contaminant also ensures that items are bound to your character. So you do not have to count on the fact that you can now simply spam items en mass to provide them with corruption effects and then sell them in the auction house. Kaivax also points out that there are crafting items that cannot be spoiled; this affects Azerite engineering glasses and the jewelry of the alchemists. Items made by hand cannot also procure with the affix "Spoiled" during manufacture, but must be treated with a contaminant.

Even if the craft never experiences a lot of love, one or the other twink may be happy to wrap his S4 items with item levels 445 to 470 in the corruption of an old god.

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