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Only a few more days before the kickstarter campaign of the indie role-playing game Corven: Path of Redemption ends. If you are thinking about maybe taking part, you can now watch a German demo.

On July 17th the Kickstarter campaign the Ultima-like role-playing game Corven: Path of Redemption. The desired financing target has now been achieved. The first stretch goal with a larger world and more side quests has also been achieved. Now the campaign is on the home stretch and maybe additional goals can be achieved.

Try the demo in German

Corven: Path of Redemption offers you one demo, with which you can get a first impression of the role-playing game. This demo is now also available in German. So if you have waited so far to support the Kickstarter campaign because the demo could previously only be played in English, download the German version now and maybe this will convince you to support the project.

Corven: Path of Redemption is a role-playing game that is based on classics from the Ultima series, especially Ultima 7. The team at Lycantic attaches great importance to exploring a living world where you will meet interesting NPCs. In the dialogs you will receive quests and learn more about the game world and the events that are going on. You solve puzzles and also fight in real time with monsters to improve your character. The demo shows you exactly how this works.

In Corven there is even a performance by Richard Garriott, who made his alter ego Lord British available as an NPC. Corven: Path of Redemption is due to be released in autumn 2022. First, a version for PC is planned. How much money can ultimately be earned for the development also determines whether the RPG appears on other platforms.

Source: Kickstarter

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