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In the current situation, it may not be a very good idea to name characters or companions in WoW Classic COVID or Corona or similar. Players affected by the pandemic could not find it funny at all, report you and thus ensure a short-term account ban. This is exactly what the Reddit user SbeardSV recently learned.

While many WoW Classic players have been annoyed for months that some omnipresent bot users on their server despite numerous messages other farm rounds are allowed, other accounts are banned for all kinds of alleged violations. For example, it currently seems to be particularly dangerous buy large quantities of Black Lotus directly from other players – Always new victims with permanent account ban penalties speak up on Reddit in this regard (example 1, Example 2).

Another player was recently banned on my server Razorfen who had helped reset the head of Onyxia for the dragon slayer's battle cry. Blizzard officials had said they didn't want to take action, but apparently several players had complained about the action. The ban has had an effect since the head has not been reset manually since the punishment. Yesterday evening, various guilds had to travel towards Molten Core or Blackwing Lair without the battle cry.

We also want to warn you about a new character or a newly tamed companion in WoW (buy now for € 32.95) COVID, Corona or comparable. Players affected by the pandemic could not find it funny at all, report you and thus ensure a short-term account ban. That is exactly what he recently did Reddit user SbeardSV may experience. Of course, the hunter must now rename his pet. You can avoid comparable hassles by choosing a better name.

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