There are bugs that are quite funny and have their charm, others are just annoying. There is currently a case like this in Fallout 76, because after the last patch, armor values ​​are lost when you reload the weapon.

Bethesda is currently working on a very strange bug in Fallout 76. So legendary effects of armor get lost when you reload the weapon. Although the bug does not run consistently, the complaints suggest that it definitely shouldn't be and affects a number of people.

Jas Thomson demonstrates the bug in a video. In the beginning, his armor had a damage resistance of 519 and an energy resistance of 343. After he was fired a few shots and he reloaded his weapon, these numbers dropped to 414 and 248.

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This bug seems really annoying.

A theory

On reddit is hotly debated. Some believe that they cannot reproduce the error at all, while others are certain that only certain pieces of armor are affected. Here and there it is said that only the primary effects of armor are influenced, but not the secondary or tertiary.

According to one theory, the bug emerged from an original fix to a legendary weapon issue. Others claim it doesn't matter what weapon is used. Whatever it is, Bethesda already seems to be on the problem and will probably solve it soon.