The fourth episode of the Night City Wire streams was all about the vehicles with which you can drive through Night City and the clothes to go with them. Cyberpunk 2077 wants to score with a lot of style.

Cyberpunk 2077

For the fourth time, CDPR showed news about Cyberpunk 2077 in its own stream format. This episode of Night City Wire was entirely devoted to Night City vehicles and explained what clothing is currently trendy in the city.

Keanu Reeves was also there. His character Johnny Silverhand is allowed to call a very special car his own, and one of the actor's personal hobbies is in the game: motorcycles.

From the scrap arbor to the luxury sledge

There are vehicles in Cyberpunk for every budget Economy-Class of vehicles also looks accordingly. You may not be able to go on the race track with these cars, but you can get from A to B. The cars from the are much more impressive Executive-Class and just the thing to make an impression as an aspiring "businessman". Trucks and tanks are available from the Heavy dutyVehicles. If you'd like to sweep the curb with the garbage truck, you've come to the right place, sometimes you just have to go straight ahead, come what may.

For the adrenaline rush while driving Sports-Car care. Well-tuned, these cars are good for road races, off-road races, or just to run away from the police. The luxury cars are fast or also Hypercars also, but they also have armor.

Johnny Sliverhands special car is a by the way Porsche 911s from 1977. Keanu Reeves himself is responsible for a part of the motorcycles. Machines from his company Arch Motorcyles are the model for some of the two-wheelers in the game. There is one more for the cross-promo Behind-the-scenes videos.

Night City: A city for faishonistas

In episode 4, stylish carts were followed by stylish clothes. Four fashion styles are apparently popular in Night City. Neon hair, glowing tattoos and chrome are part of it kitsch-Look. What looks cool is worn, functionality is secondary. The style Entroprism arose out of necessity. After the 4th corporate war, many people were poor and what was there was worn. A style was born out of this.

Neomilitarism is more worn in the upper class. This style of clothing is elegant, stylish and much more subtle. Neokitsch is again anything but subtle. The more conspicuous, the better and that's why this style is worn by the stars and starlets Night Citys.

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The choice of vehicles and clothing seems large, every car should have its own look inside and out and drive them differently. Quite an upgrade to Roach and the armor from The Witcher 3. Hopefully the cars won't spawn on roofs when you call them, the buildings in Night City are significantly higher than in Novigrad.

Almost forgotten: Cyberpunk 2077 will also be released for Google Stadia on November 19, 2020. Cool.

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