It has been certain for some time that Destiny 2 will cross-play. Now Bungie has a new one “This Week at Bungie” mail announces how the whole thing will work exactly. In the future, players will probably have a common name, which will be the same for every platform:

“We didn’t want your Guardian’s name to change if you logged into the game from somewhere else. We thought that would be counterproductive to the expectation of how you would identify yourself in this newly reunited Destiny community. And one more thing much less we wanted the names of your friends and clanmates to change depending on which platform they log into the game on. “

“So we’re converting all names to one identity that will be the same on all platforms you play on. We call this your Bungie name. This will change your name once, but we believe it will be for everyone is better in the long run “

The new Bungie names are made up of your player name, a diamond and a number combination, i.e. player name # 1234. However, only the actual player name is shown to other players. Due to the different character filters of the various platforms, it could happen with the new Bungie names that some characters of certain player names are removed so that they are either empty or given a completely new meaning. If this happens, they will be replaced with a default name.

“There may be times when we remove these characters and players will be displayed without a name or have names that contain offensive terms. When that happens, you will become the default name,” Guardian[zufällige Zahl]”See above your character’s head.”

Bungie won’t be offering a name change feature at the start of the cross-play update in Season 15, but the developers are “working hard to make it possible” this winter.

For the new cross-play update, there will also be a new matchmaking system with various settings. The developers would like to deliver a cross-platform voice chat in an update shortly after the start of the new season.

Bungie cannot yet give an exact release date for the cross-play update.

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