Crowfall: Beta start of the MMORPG announced – game update

from Andreas Bertits
The players and backers of the MMORPGs Crowfall had to wait a long time, but now the date for the beta has finally been set. In just a few days, the starting shot will be given for everyone who is entitled.

The MMORPG Crowfall is considered a great glimmer of hope for some fans of the genre. The game principle with the time-limited campaigns and the building of your own "Eternal Kingdom" sounds exciting for some online players. But players had to wait a long time for the beta to start.

It starts soon

Now the team at the development studio ArtCraft Entertainment has announced the start date of the beta. Eligible players can join in on August 11th. They will receive invitations in the coming days.

"We're excited to share this announcement with our community," said Creative Director J. Todd Coleman. "Crowfall is a game with a unique and bold vision – it is in direct contrast to the trend of Themepark games that have become ubiquitous in an industry desperate for innovation. It is a living simulation of a fantasy world in which the players slip into the roles of kings and queens, murderers and traders, conquerors and craftsmen. The beta is a huge milestone on our way to the final realization of this vision. "

After the start of the alpha last May, the beta now represents a big step towards the release. The new version improves the entry into the game so that newcomers can get behind the mechanics of the game economy as well as the territorial and social systems more quickly. In addition, a new, large campaign will be launched in the MMORPG, in which players from the USA and Europe can participate.

During this campaign, players must fight for control of the world, build and besiege fortresses and try to achieve as much as possible before this "dying world" is devoured by so-called "hunger". What you achieve during the campaign will then benefit you in your "Eternal Kingdom" as you continue to expand.

Selected Crowfall fans will experience how this works from August 11th in the beta.

Source: press release

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