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The Amazon Game Studios have announced the final end of the multiplayer shooter Crucible. Nothing came of the planned major overhaul.

In July, Amazon Game Studios sent the multiplayer shooter Crucible back to beta after a bad start. There should be an extensive revision based on feedback and criticism from the players. But it has now been announced that the game will be completely discontinued.

The end of Amazon's Crucible

"In the next few weeks we will have a final game test and a community celebration, both in-game and on our official Discord channel," the announcement said. "We will then deactivate matchmaking, but you can still play Crucible using the custom games feature. Stay tuned for more information on this event."

Crucible will go offline on November 9th. Anyone who has spent money on the title and bought in-game items will receive a refund. You can do this request via Amazon. It is no longer possible to buy items.

The developers are switching to Amazon's upcoming MMO New World. Its release this year has also been postponed due to player feedback and should now take place in spring 2021. At the moment Amazon Game Studios are not very lucky with their games. Hopefully New World will be a little different.

Crucible missed the big wave of success of the hero shooter and couldn't convince with the gameplay either. Players criticized the scarce hit feedback in the fights and the balancing wasn't right either. With so many shooters out there that are really popular, Crucible just didn't stand a chance due to its problems.

Source: Crucible website

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