from Karsten Scholz
With Crucible, those responsible at Amazon Game Studios actually wanted to release their first major game on May 20. However, the false start was just as remarkable as the loss of players. Now the developers are drawing consequences that have never been seen before: Crucible is returning to the closed beta phase.

In October 2016, a message caused a lot of fuss: Amazon had announced that it would develop more than just apps with the internal games studio in the future, and that Amazon Game Studios' first three game projects for PC and consoles read as follows: the 4vs4 "sports brawler" Breakaway, the multiplayer shooter Crucible and the sandbox MMORPG New World.

Almost four years later, we have to admit that Breakaway was sawed off prematurely and Crucible made a proper false start in May 2020. After a short time made his huge loss of players noticeable. After more than 10,000 reviews, the reviews are just a "balanced" picture. Recently, only a three-digit number of players logged into the Free2Play shooter during the day.

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But the developers don't want to give up the project. On the official site they announced a remarkable step: Crucible is being sent back to the closed beta phase. The already Roadmap published in advance should continue to exist, so the developers want to revise the fight, the cards and game systems in order to significantly improve the gaming experience.

Any player who has created an account by 6:00 p.m. CEST by July 1, 2020 will automatically have access to the closed testing phase. Afterwards, as with other closed beta phases, you have to register for the test using a form and hope for an invitation. Furthermore, the developers announced that you can take your already acquired items and progress into beta. There will also be no NDA, so you can continue to stream or share screenshots and videos.

We are curious whether this measure will take effect and whether the Amazon Game Studios a successful launch on August 25, 2020, at least with New World can lie down.

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