At the end of May Cruella Released with Emma Stone in theaters and on Disney + for all subscribers with VIP access. According to one Message Disney actually didn’t want to bring the film to theaters after the pandemic continued to be responsible for closed cinemas worldwide. An objection from Emma Stone, who stars as Cruella de Vil, and director Craig Gillespie eventually forced Disney to change plans.

The parties involved referred to the concluded contract, which not only promised a theatrical release, but also a profit sharing – depending on the success of the film at the box office. If you had decided on a sole release at Disney +, those responsible would have had to buy Emma Stone, Craig Gillespie and other people out of their contract. Disney gave in and released Cruella at the same time in the cinema.

The film grossed over 221 million US dollars worldwide. According to experts, the profit sharing for those involved is much smaller. How much money you have earned through VIP access at Disney + has not yet been revealed. Emma Stone reportedly received an upfront payment of $ 8 million for her lead role. For the sequel, which was recently confirmed, the Oscar winner now apparently receives a double-digit million amount in the low range.

The situation is very reminiscent of the disputes between Scarlett Johansson and Disney that are currently underway over Black Widow. Because the release of the MCU movie was not contractually regulated at Disney +, the actress requests a share of the profits made by completing the VIP access.

Those: The Hollywood Reporter

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