In addition to larger expansion packages, developer Paradox has also announced so-called Flavor Packs for Crusader Kings 3, which are concentrated on very specific nations or areas and provide them with numerous additional options, visual improvements and events. The first of these Flavor Packs is called Northern Lords, comes out tomorrow and brings additional content for Nordic conquerors.

As lead designer Alexander Oltner reveals, many innovations are purely optical or musical in nature. In winter, snow falls in numerous areas and you can hear typical Nordic sounds in the areas concerned. However, in addition to the promised spice, the Flavor Pack also brings a main course of small gameplay adjustments.

From now on, as the head of the Nordic family, you can sacrifice your captives to the gods, pursue a career as a poet and, should you not own any lands, incite other princes to conquer them in order to seize an area. In addition, the legacy properties that can be inherited have been revised and expanded to include specific Nordic attributes.

You can also send your children on adventures to make contact with other cultures. As another new target, you can create the Jones Vikings, militant religious zealots who aim to burn down Christian churches, but also to punish tribes and tribal leaders for their less pious qualities.

In addition to the Flavor Pack, Paradox is also releasing a new free patch that also includes additional content. With the update you can challenge other characters to a duel for the first time and give them shame and injuries afterwards. Which actions are available to you in a duel is not only decided by your fighting skills, but also by many other characteristics, which gives each duel a unique and personal touch. You can find the full patch notes here.



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