Crytek is working on a new AAA game. This is evident from several job postings at the company.

Are we getting a Crysis 4?

It is interesting that the senior game designer he is looking for should particularly enjoy playing sandbox shooters. That points strongly in the direction of a Crysis 4. The Crysis series could be described as a sandbox shooter due to the open game world. Especially in the first game there was a lot of freedom when exploring the island and the players were able to take out the enemies in a variety of ways. Crysis 4 would surely be the game fans would want most from Crytek. After the remaster of Crysis 1, interest in the shooter series has flared up again.

Crytek got big with shooters and could find its way back to old size with a return to story-driven sandbox first-person shooters with a single-player campaign. But it is unclear whether it will really happen. The new game project could also be something completely different. A new brand. Maybe also a loot shooter with a strong online component in the style of Borderlands or Destiny. After all, games like this are currently very popular and bring developers a lot of money through microtransactions.

But Crysis is a well-known brand and it would be easier for Crytek to pick up and continue with it than to create something completely new. We may find out what this mysterious AAA game is this year. After all, we still have around 12 months ahead of us in which a lot of games could be announced.

Source: Crytek website

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