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The official trailer for Crysis Remastered should have been released today. But Crytek announced to postpone this and also the release date of the shooter.

Those who are waiting can still get the official trailer today Crysis Remastered to be able to see it will be disappointed. Because Crytek postponed its publication together with the release date of the shooter.

Crysis Remastered takes a little more time

In Crytek's official statement on the postponement of Crysis (buy now for € 8.07) Remastered says:

"Your passion for the" Crysis "brand deserves a high-quality game, and we are determined to deliver just that. To ensure that we meet this commitment, we will postpone the launch date (on all platforms) and the trailer premiere by a few weeks As they have already started, pre-orders for the switch version will remain open, but pre-orders for all other platforms will be delayed. "

There is also a reason for the delay and this is related to the rather less positive reactions to the trailer leak and the previous screenshots of the new edition of Crysis.

"Perhaps you heard about the leak yesterday and we want you to know that we have seen all the reactions – the good and the bad – and we are listening! We are still working on a number of things in the game and also on the store -Front … The additional time until release will allow us to bring Crysis Remastered to the PC and console standards you are used to from Crysis games. "

So what we've seen from Crysis Remastered so far will change. Crytek apparently plans to revamp the graphics so that the new edition really looks much better than the original.

When exactly we will see the trailer for Crysis Remastered is just as unclear as the new release date of the shooter. July 23rd will definitely not be.

Source: Gematsu

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