from Karsten Scholz
As is well known, the Microsoft studio “The Initiative” is currently working on a reboot of the cult shooter Perfect Dark for Xbox Series X / S and PC. Now those responsible have announced that they will implement the project with the experienced designers from Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider Reboot series, Marvel’s Avengers).

I associate many wonderful hours with Perfect Dark, which I spent together with my buddies in front of the N64. We liked to project the exciting multiplayer boom with a projector onto white surfaces (sometimes simple room walls, sometimes the outer surface of a mobile home, with which we spent a few nice days at a dam). With a few cold drinks, which I don’t want to describe in more detail here, yep, that’s the way to chill out.

From today’s perspective, however, you can hardly give the old 3D camels of this time. That’s why I found it exciting that Microsoft will announced a reboot of Perfect Dark, which is to appear exclusively for the Xbox Series S / X and the PC. The responsible studio is called “The Initiative” and was only founded in 2018. However, the team has a lot of experience. The head of the studio is, for example, Darrell Gallagher, who previously directed the fortunes of Crystal Dynamics.

And now it is clear: Gallagher and his old team will be brought together again. “The Initiative” announced via Twitter that the developers will be supported by Crystal Dynamics in the future in implementing the first-person shooter for the new generation.

This step makes double sense. Not only because Gallagher and Crystal Dynamics know each other well, but also because Crystal Dynamics has proven with the Tomb Raider Reboot series that it has successfully brought a cult brand that has many, many years under its belt Now you can transfer.

The game is said to be still early in development, so it will be a while before we can talk about a specific release date. We will of course keep you up to date when there is new information.

Perfect Dark: First trailer for the new Xbox exclusive game

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