CS: GO – snatched over 15,000 teenage cheaters with self-developed AI

A young Brit has made it his mission to free CS: GO from cheaters. For this he has developed an AI and has successfully reported over 15,000 players in recent months.

Actually, Counter-Strike owns: Global Offensive its own integrated review tool called Overwatch, In this system, Overwatch investigators in-game review player repetitions that attract attention with frequent reports, and after being reviewed by multiple investigators, the system adjudicates based on their assessment. How this works in detail, you can read at Valve,

The Brit with the nickname 2Eggs has developed an AI that automates and speeds up this review process, His He fed HestiaNet with hours and hours of video footage from OverwatchSometimes the reps are up to four years old, so the AI ​​learns to differentiate between cheaters and regular players. She is already very successful in the meantime.

In the past few months HestiaNet has in 17,659 verified cases, 15,356 cheaters discovered and reported, A total of 15,104 of these messages resulted in a ban by Valve. This is a Accuracy of 98.36 percent, Here is the corresponding tweet with the numbers:

The VACNet or Minerva from FACEIT have large systems that also significantly more cheaters from the market than the 2Eggs AI. But these were all developed by big teams, not a single teenager. To his motivation, to put so much work into his AI, said 2Eggs opposite TheLoadout:

"I called it HestiaNet because CS: GO, as you know, is contaminated with cheaters, and Hestia is both the goddess of healing and the hearthfire. I want Hestia to heal the infestation of the game and eliminate as many cheaters as possible. For many of us in the community, CS: GO is home and Hestia is also the guardian goddess of the home. "

It is quite impressive what an individual with great dedication to "his game" can do good.

Sometimes it takes no AI to catch cheaters, their own stupidity is enough:

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Dumbled – players who were caught cheating

2Eggs has simply tackled the cheater problem in CS: GO himself and is helping to keep the game clear of them. Which game in your opinion could use your own 2Eggs?