The people in charge at Valve have im Counter-Strike-Blog announced some changes for the competitive scene of the popular shooter. Accordingly, cheaters who were affected by a VAC ban will soon be able to participate in an esports tournament that is officially supported by Valve – provided the ban was at least five years ago. So far, a VAC ban has resulted in a tournament exclusion for life.

According to Valve, there have been no changes to this rule so far. Since some locks are now more than eight years old, the makers decided to adapt them. However, other sanctions associated with a VAC ban remain in place. Those responsible also make it clear that other reasons can prevent participation in a Valve tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some fans assume that the case is all around Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen could have something to do with the new regulations.

In 2015, the Jamppi account – only 14 years old at the time – received a VAC ban. According to his own statement, a friend who was on his account as a cheater was responsible for this. Because of the existing regulations, this ban prevented participation in Valve’s esports tournaments and thus also a career as a professional player because he could not join any organization. With the changes that have now been announced, Jamppi should now also take part in Valve tournaments. However, the player has already switched to Valorant.

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