With the NES and SNES Mini, Nintendo has already reissued two real console classics – now the competition is jumping on the bandwagon and is bringing a real cult device from the 1970s onto the market as a new edition. A dream come true for retro fans.

Atari VCS: Remake of the Atari classic now available

As Atari in 1977 Atari 2600 brought to market, the game industry was still in its infancy. The “forefather of video games” Pong was released just 5 years ago, and Nintendo’s first home console, the NES, would not appear until 6 years later.

The cult console was released more than 40 years ago – now there is good news for all retro fans: A modern remake is officially available for sale. Like the original, the new console is called Atari VCS and is available in either a basic version for 299 US-Dollar or offered in a bundle with a classic joystick, modern controller and walnut bezel for 399 US dollars.

Remake of the Atari 2600: This is what the new edition offers

Are preinstalled on the console 100 classic arcade and console games, which retro fans should still remember well. These include classics such as Pong, Asteroids or Missile Command. All games can be played with both the classic joystick and the modern controller variant.

However, the Atari VCS can not only be used as a game console. If you want, you can simply switch the device to PC mode and uses it as a classic calculatorafter an operating system has been installed on it. Windows, Linux and Chrome OS are currently officially supported. In this way, the Atari VCS can also be used to play PC games either directly or via streaming platforms such as Google Stadia.

In addition to Bluetooth, WLAN is also on board. There are also 4 USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI and an Ethernet connection. Since the console remake relies on classic PC hardware, users can easily upgrade the memory with an M.2 SSD and the system’s RAM at any time.

Compared to Nintendo’s console remakes, the price of 299 or 399 US dollars is quite steep, but according to the users’ opinions, you get a really solid console that covers various areas of application. What do you think of the console remake of the Atari 2600? Will you maybe get the device? Or can you do absolutely nothing with the new edition of the retro console? Let us know in the Facebook comments!