Update from January 30, 2020: Especially the Raider among WoW fans often have to rely on the latest version of their raid helpers and therefore the WoW addon developers from Exorsus Raid Tools, Deadly Boss Mods and BigWigs are currently working hard, so that you are always provided with the current version of the addons for Ny'alotha. Accordingly, we have uploaded the versions of the addons in our database in their current version. Also new: New versions of Bartender4, ElvUI, Healbot and TradeSkillMaster. We have marked the updated addons for WoW: Battle for Azeroth for you accordingly.

We regularly update the WoW addons in our extensive database at buffed.de, which you can access with our tool BLASC 3. With BLASC 3 it is possible for you to keep up to date and to easily maintain your WoW addons.

Use the filter on the right to switch between the live and classic versions

Use the filter on the right to switch between the live and classic versions

Source: Buffed

And even better: As soon as a major patch is pending in WoW, there are of course even more regular updates to our add-on database. So that you know which addons are available in a more current version, there is also a short news with the news from the world of addons to World of Warcraft. Check our news regularly and find out which WoW addons can now be updated!

You can find out whether one of your favorite addons is already available in a version for Patch 8.3 if you select the "8.3" option in the "Patch version" drop-down menu in our database. We now offer you the option of browsing for add-ons for WoW Classic. For this you have to select "WoW: Classic" in the right tab of our database (see screenshot).

WoW addons – updates on 30.01. (Patch 8.3 (Live)) in the buffed database

WoW addons – updates on 24.01. (Patch 1.13.3 (Classic)) in the buffed database

WoW: Battle for Azeroth – Trailer for War Brothers | Animated short films

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More WoW news! <strong>Wow:</strong> Tortollans award 445 rings and jewelry as a reward in patch 8.3 (8) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/237×133/2020/01/wow-patch-830-tortollan-emissary-rewards-08- buffed_b2teaser_169.jpg”/></span></span><span class=PC0

Wow: Tortollans are currently awarding 445 rings and jewelry!

WoW: With Patch 8.3, there are currently really good rings and jewelry from the chest of the Tortollans. The information below! WoW: Aqir - new tame companions for the hunters in Uldum (5) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/237x133/2020/01/WoW_Visions_of_NZoth_Concept_Aqir-buffed_b2teaser_169.jpgPC0

Wow: New tame companions for hunters – Ji-kun, Rukhmar and more

Have you always wanted to tame Ji-Kun, Rukhmar, Rukhran or a Zul'Aman bear with your hunter? This has been possible since WoW Patch 8.3! WoW: Allianz signs up for Dark Coast War Front "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/237x133/2019/03/wow_bfa_darkshore_alliance_victory_01-buffed_b2teaser_169.jpgPC0

Wow: Dark Coast War Front – 460 Alliance Quest Item!

WoW: Alliance players can once again register for the instanced Dark Coast war front and take 460 loot with them!

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