The controllers of the current generation of consoles are superior to the bank, but the Xbox one controller has some crucial advantages and is also future-proof. Over the years, however, the price erosion has also been used in the Xbox One gamepad, so that one often gets the peripheral device nowadays far below the original RRP of 59.99 euros. Currently you get the Xbox one controller particularly cheap in the package with wireless adapter at Saturn.

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Xbox One Controller + Wireless Adapter at Best Price at SATURN

Update, 20.11.2019: At Saturn, there is currently the black Xbox One controller including wireless adapter for Windows PCs for 39 euros (plus 1,99 Euro shipping). The current price for the bundle of controller and adapter is loud IDEALO currently at about 50 euros. The advantage of the package: You can use the controller directly on the Xbox One (S / X) as well as on any PC. You can save the shipping costs of 1.99 Euro either by picking up in the market or currently also by paying by Paydir.

Note: The offer is only valid until 25.11.2019, 08:00 clock or while stocks last.

Xbox One: The Price Development of the Controller

The Xbox One was launched in November 2013. The first-generation controller can only be used on the PC via a micro-USB cable or can be operated wirelessly using a dongle (approx.). With the Xbox One S, however, there was a minor overhaul of the controller, thanks to which all current Xbox One controllers also support Bluetooth and can be wirelessly connected to the PC, smartphone and other Bluetooth devices. The suggested retail price for the standard controller is 59.99 euros, but special colors and special editions can also have an RRP of 64.99 euros or 69.99 euros. Since the market launch, the price has already fallen. So you get the controller for a long time at the usual "street price" of 50 €, more often you can even get the controller for less than 40 euros – if you are not so picky, as far as the colors are concerned.

For the big providers like, Media Market or Saturn you get the controller more often in the price range of 40 €. If you want the absolute best price, you will find idealo a practical overview of all color variants and the current best price of the respective controller.

Xbox One Controller: What Makes the Gamepad Better?

In addition to the often slightly cheaper price, the Xbox one pad has some and small advantages. The Microsoft controller has inherited its predecessor, the Xbox 360 Pad, as the standard PC controller. Even though more and more games on the PC also offer the controller prompts of PlayStation and Switch, you are on the safe side with the Xbox pad.

Above all, however, the Xbox One controller is future-proof in terms of Xbox consoles and PC gaming. So has Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft opposite Business Insider confirms that the Xbox one pads will also be compatible with the next generation of consoles, and hence Project Scarlett (working title).

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For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: This controller is right for you

Also the often criticized battery compartment of the controller, is an advantage for all who want to have the controller as a longtime companion. While the built-in rechargeable batteries of other controllers eventually make you tired, you can simply replace the batteries in the Xbox controller. If the battery consumption is too high, you can easily get a set. And even if all else fails, and no battery can be recovered from the remote control or wall clock, the Xbox One controller also works simply via a USB cable – without the need of a battery or batteries.