According to an insider, the PS5 Dev Kit can do a lot more than Project Scarlett's. The race for the better next-gen console is far from over.

Also in the next generation of consoles is again Sony against Microsoft, or PlayStation 5 against Project Scarlett. Currently both companies are controlling a release for the end of 2020, to match the Christmas business. This also means that development kits for the new consoles have arrived for many developers. There are supposed to be games for the release.

But this also means that more people are getting to see the new consoles and insider information gets to the public, even if they are always viewed with some skepticism. In the ResetEra forum there are several threads to details about the new consoles. A user named Kleegamefan has both consoles seen in action and concludes:

"Currently, the performance of games on the PS5 is better."

However, that lies behind his statement remember that The hardware and software of the PS5 Dev Kit is at a later stage of development than that of the Dev Kit of the new Xbox, Kleegamefan expects Project Scarlett's Dev kits to close the gap to PS5 once they're on the same footing. He even suspects that Project Scarlett could end up achieving better game performance:

"It should be noted that since Microsoft's expertise has traditionally been in software rather than hardware, it is very likely that they will ship much more advanced DirectX development software. It might end up allowing games to run better on the Scarlett, despite the less powerful hardware. "

Graphics are an important issue in the new consoles, and you said in our poll that I got you on the PS5 most looking forward to realistic graphics, But who can decide the next generation of consoles for themselves, we will learn in just over a year.

Great graphics are all well and good, but it takes the appropriate games for them:

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Whether the graphics, the general performance or the range of games, there are many factors that influence the decision for one or the other console. How big do you think this influence is? In the end, is it just personal taste which console you choose?