CurseForge changes schedule for Shadowlands release

from Philipp Sattler
After Overwolf has bought the rights to CurseForge, all data has to move. The actual schedule wasn't quite as clever as this move was exactly in the release week of Shadowlands. But the operators have now revised this schedule and even announced overtime.

On November 24th it finally starts and hordes of heroes set out in WoW to explore the Shadowlands. Most of these heroes rely on the help and support of one or the other addon. This can range from complete interfaces to tiny help. But what most addon users have in common is the fact that they use an app or a client to keep the addons up to date. The Twitch client, which has worked with CurseForge so far, was probably the most popular one. However, this will soon lose the Mod tab and will then no longer offer WoW addons. Instead, the CurseForge app is used.

In order to get all the data on your own server, the app's services have to be idle for a while. That doesn't mean you can't download addons there. However, it is likely that the authors cannot update their add-ons. And that would have been the case, stupidly, in the week of the WoW Shadowlands release. A worse timing is hardly possible, given the fact that a lot of updates are usually necessary to start an expansion because all sorts of changes and not everything could be tested on the beta servers.

Now the operators have however their schedule customized.

  • On November 25th, only the "new project moderation" stops. So no new addons can be uploaded by the authors. All new addons will only be checked and released from November 30th.
  • From November 25th to November 29th, the moderators will work extra shifts to quickly process and approve updates of existing add-ons.
  • From November 30th (one week after release) CurseForge will go into "Read-Only" mode. From there you can only download until the move is complete.
    • How long it will take for the move to be complete and for operations to return to normal is not certain. It is expected, however, that everything will run normally again on December 3rd and that the add-ons can be updated again.
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