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For years, the CurseForge Client has been the point of contact for all WoW players looking for the right add-ons. But then Twitch bought the rights to it and integrated this function into their Twitch client. But now Overwolf has struck and Twitch has bought the rights from them and is already diligently developing the new, improved CurseForge Client.

Who has not started with WoW in the past few years and has also used one or the other addon earlier, the name is likely CurseForge be a household name. The website is probably the largest source for WoW addons. However, because downloading and installing WoW addons was always quite cumbersome, the Curse client came into play at some point. This managed and updated all of your addons and at the same time was very clear and accessible. A few years ago, however, the Curse Client was scrapped and the rights to it were addressed Twitch who embed its function in their Twitch client. However, this client was never very popular because it was not only more cumbersome to use, but also included many other Twitch functions that were not necessarily of interest to every WoW player. But that will soon be over, because the Curse Client will soon be making a comeback.

Obviously, Twitch has not been particularly happy with the situation recently, having add-on management and streams in one client. And so it was apparently agreed with the company Overwolf, whose main business is to offer external mods for popular games and give modders a platform. Some of them may also be known due to the Overwolf overlay, which is integrated in Teamspeak.
Overwolf has now bought the rights to CurseForge from Twitch and is already diligently developing a new CurseForge client. This app should be clearer and easier to use than the predecessor and the Twitch variant. However, it is not yet certain when this will be published. At the beginning, according to developers, the same code as the Twitch app will be used to ensure a problem-free transfer before you then equip the client with new features.

CurseForge Client is back! Overwolf buys the rights from Twitch (1) (Source: CurseForge / Overwolf)

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