Streaming services always need new series in order to satisfy their customers. With a new program, Netflix has not shown a lucky hand. Customers are threatening to cancel, an online petition is supposed to prevent the series about the “Hype House”.

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Netflix is ​​under criticism for series about the “Hype House”

Streaming services have to constantly deliver new content in order to secure their business model. After all, if you pay for a subscription, you don’t want to just look at the same things over and over again. Series are often the method of choice. With a However, Netflix is ​​not earning any credit for its most recent series productions.

Customers should come along because of the “Hype House” series Canceling your Netflix subscriptions threaten. The reality series is supposed to be about the residential project of the same name, in which several well-known TikTok influencers live together. The US streaming company announced the start of the series last week, in which you would show pages from the lives of social media stars that you would otherwise not get to see.

Less than a week after the reality show was announced Twitter resistance forms, as among other things Yahoo reported. Accordingly, Netflix customers accuse the group of two things: On the one hand, the production of bad series, while good ones are being sold – However, that is a question of personal taste.

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Netflix shouldn’t offer a platform to corona deniers

The more serious criticism: Several of those presented in the series Influencers are said to have played down the corona pandemic several times have taken action while in the United States to restrict contact at parties. It is even that Talk of infection cases that have been kept secret.

Many customers on Twitter are threatening to quit – it is unlikely that enough would come together to seriously damage Netflix as the market leader. At the same time, a Online-Petition launched to crush the series. As of April 29th, 9,362 out of 10,000 targeted supporters have found themselves here.

Netflix’s could be more sensitive than the monetary damage of possible layoffs Damage to the image of such a production to meet. It’s not the first time that the streaming company has received bad publicity because of a series. In September 2020, the series “Cuties” was criticized for suspected sexual representation of minors.