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Fallout 76 has a new kind of deer, which may lead players to treasures. You should not shoot the animals at first sight to throw them on the grill.

With the Wastelanders update, Bethesda not only brought NPCs into the online game Fallout 76 one, but also a new type of deer.

Follow the deer!

If you meet this double-headed animal, the "Observant Radstag", then you should leave the gun stuck. If you follow the deer carefully for a while, then it may lead you to a treasure.

You rarely meet the stag because it is a chance encounter in the game world. Fallout 76 fans who shot the animal the first time they meet now feel annoyed and feel bad. After all, a treasure went through their rags.

In addition, Bethesda has already confirmed that this meeting is so wanted. It is no accident that the animal leads you to a treasure. Therefore, you should watch carefully through the world of the online game Fallout 76 (buy now) run and meet a two-headed deer, then don't think about the next lunch, but rather where the majestic, if somewhat creepy, animal will lead you.

Source: Reddit

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