In Cyberpunk 2077 we can become a sneak specialist, a thug berserk, a ball thunderstorm king or even a hackerman, depending on how we play style. Not only different equipment helps, but also the skill system. But that's exactly what leaves players in the lurch months after the release. Because resourceful cyberpunk fans have put the skills and bonuses to the acid test. The result is pretty depressing: Over 30 of the skills that we can unlock in the skill trees of Strength, Reflex, Intelligence, Technical Skills and Coolness do not work at all in patch 1.11, only partially or not as stated.

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These skills in Cyberpunk 2077 don't work – hands off

For example, you don't have to bother to unlock "Refreshing Kill", "Solid as a Rock" or "Guerrilla" in the street brawl skill tree. Actually, these skills are supposed to increase your armor, improve critical damage and give you stamina – but none of these effects are active if you check it empirically.

Some skills functions even in the first savegame after learning, for example "Guerilla", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" or "Drachenschlag". But as soon as you reload the game, the skill is useless again.

Actually, the perk 'Bunker' is supposed to increase our armor when we block with blunt weapons (fists, clubs, etc.) - but no matter which weapon you use, the perk does not work.

Actually, the "Bunker" perk is supposed to increase our armor when we block with blunt weapons (fists, clubs, etc.) – but no matter which weapon you use, the perk does not work.

Source: Buffed

The full list of broken skills in patch 1.11:

  • athletics
  • destruction
    • Mongoose
    • Bloodbath
    • Hard landing
  • Street brawl
    • Solid as a rock
    • Guerrilla
    • Refreshing kill
  • Rifles
  • Handguns
    • Vanishing Point Night City
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Sound
  • Breach protocol
  • Quickhacks
    • First class memory sharing
  • Item manufacturing
  • Techie
    • Mech looting
    • shrapnel
    • More oomph
    • From all sides
    • Super conductor
    • renovation
  • Stealth
    • rattlesnake
    • toxicology
  • Fighting machine

Skills That Work Too Well!

Funnily enough, there are also skills that work better than stated: "Offensive Defensive" in the blade skill tree also increases the damage of strong attacks, although actually only defensive attacks are supposed to benefit. "Run it off your neck" is supposed to allow your health to regenerate faster only when you are moving, but it also works when you are stationary.

If you want to check all the skills of the game, can be found in this English Google Doc from the community a list of all available skills and information on whether they are not working and what exactly is defective.

Source: Reddit, Space4Games

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