The role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 is currently not getting out of the negative headlines. After the bumpy start on the last-gen consoles, the associated slump in stocks and the chaos surrounding refunds, there is now more bad news for fans who play cyberpunk on PC.

As you can read at, among others, a bug has been discovered that can prevent a cyberpunk game save from loading correctly or, in the worst case, not loading at all. Conversely, this means that several hours of game progress may be lost, which is of course just as annoying as it is frustrating. The reason for this problem seems to be related to the file size of the respective Save Games. As soon as the file is over six megabytes in size, there is already a drop in performance. If it even exceeds the 8 megabyte mark, the charging process is often no longer possible. According to initial analyzes, the file size of the Save Games is related to crafting, among other things. So if you made something shortly before saving, the file will be correspondingly larger. Some players also recommend not to pile up too many items in your inventory.

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There is no official patch or hotfix yet. However, the developers of CD Projekt did reported in the official forum with a workaround. Accordingly, you should first copy the Save Games from Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 54.89 ) and save it in another folder. Then you use the "Verfiy / Repair Game" function of the game. If this is not successful, the team advises deleting the Save Games and replacing them with the previously made copies. According to initial reports from fans, this workaround does not seem to work in all cases.

Source:, official forum

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A bug makes Save Games from Cyberpunk 2077 unusable on the PC. (2) (Source: CD Projekt Red)

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