A curious discovery in Night City sparked quite a German debate. The most common complaint as a joke relates to the manhole cover from Cyberpunk 2077. Everything is in order here.

Cyberpunk 2077

Yes, yes – they are actually manhole covers and not manhole covers, but outside of the apparently existing manhole cover community, the manhole cover is somehow more common. An attentive German player took a closer look at the manhole covers in Cyberpunk 2077 and it is – you may hardly believe it – The wrong ones.

A mega-city in dystopian America in 2077 on manhole covers according to German design and with DIN standard is actually something beautiful if it weren't for the wrong norm.

On Reddit you can find a picture (without spoiler) of the manhole cover:

Image: Reddit

According to the post it is a manhole cover of the Class B125, the after DIN 4271 are built. However, since these are not allowed to be installed on a roadway, a glaring mistake has occurred here. The B125 manhole covers can withstand only 12.5 tons, So there would have to be D400 covers, they are designed for 40 tons.

Of course there is already a petition for her change.org next to the other potatoes.

Even the experts of the Pipeline Rehabilitation Association e. V. have with a statement already switched on and point out the serious deficiency according to their task and calling. The Pipeline Rehabilitation Association e. V. is, of course, an association of optimists and so we are happy that video game developers are so convinced of the quality of German manhole covers.

Hopefully the crane space was compacted when the manhole was installed, because Germans don't have fun with manhole covers and DIN standards – or can they?