At the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, game character V is on one of three life paths that players can choose at the start of the adventure. The different options do not pin you down to a specific play style or character build, but rather determine the background story of your V (for simplicity in the following female) as well as their environment and areas of experience. For example, if you opt for the corporate start option, V knows how to get by in situations that require elbow mentality, knowledge of economics or a self-confident, professional demeanor. In addition, depending on the life path you have chosen, you will start in a different location with other introductory quests. This also affects your initial relationship with the main characters in Night City and the circumstances in which you meet them.

In the following, we will introduce you to the three different paths in life, so that you will be perfectly equipped to create the version of V that you personally like best.

Life path 1: nomad

As the name suggests, the nomads are not firmly rooted in Night City, but at home on the country road and especially on the outskirts of the city. In the so-called badlands they act as couriers, smugglers, goods and bodyguards and also serve as middlemen or women between the outside world and the residents of Night City. They are particularly skilled at mediating between different parties, keeping an eye on their interests and possible conflicts of interest, and making the greatest possible use of this knowledge. As a nomad, V is not familiar with city life and the inner workings of Night City, but she has a knack for logistics and the precise creation, organization and execution of complex jobs.

Life path 2: Street Kid

As a street kid you know the rough streets of Night City like the back of your hand and have contacts with the city's most important gangs and petty criminals. V comes from the Heywood District, a particularly tough neighborhood with a lot of gang activity, to which she returns at the beginning of the game. This path of life is particularly suitable for players who identify with the disempowered and unadjusted and who value the fact that their character has a lot of street shrewdness and reputation in the underworld of Night City. This makes it easier for Street Kids to gain the trust of shady characters and to get information and support cheaply for which outsiders literally have to pay an arm and a leg.

Life path 3: corporate

In this life path, V is under contract with the billion-dollar Arasaka Corporation and, as an agent, does the jobs that are not officially advertised but are kept secret from the public for good reason. She can always use this background to her advantage when a job requires tough business acumen or California's corporate shark tank has to be confidently and elegantly navigated through. As a corporation, V is less likely to fall for greasy pawns and knows how to make maximum profit from any situation regardless of human costs.

Which way of life will you choose?

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