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After a long wait, patch 1.2 has finally been released for Cyberpunk 2077. The big update offers hundreds of adjustments, including above all bug fixes, balancing tweaks, comfort functions and quest revisions. We present you highlights.

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 in November is now several months ago, but for a long time players had to deal with defective game mechanics, bugs and performance problems. Patch 1.2, which has finally been released, now provides improvement. This is more extensive than any previously released patch for the game – over 500 changes can be found in the official patch notes, which you can read on the Cyberpunk 2077 website.

Major changes to the patch

  • You can now craft several items at once (but only for some items)
  • Completing the Cyberpsycho quest line now offers a physical reward in Regina’s office
  • Cat Food for Cat Adoption Nibbles is now available from food stores in Night City, not just from a single in-game location.
  • The driving behavior of many cars has been improved; the options now also include a control sensitivity control
  • Police will spawn further away if you commit a crime (a drone will appear first, not cops directly).
  • The item for resetting perks (Tabula E-Rasa) is now cheaper.
  • The construction of iconic items now requires fewer high-quality components.
  • If you pick up an enemy who is carrying a quest item, it will automatically end up in your inventory.
  • Clothing shops now offer goods that make more sense in their location (noble shop => noble clothing)
  • Epic and legendary items that can be looted from killed enemies are now easier to see on the minimap.
  • Self-made items now have the addition “Manufactured” in the tooltip (relevant for some perks)
  • Modslots are shown as deactivated if you don’t have any suitable mods for them.
  • Ray tracing is now also possible with AMD graphics cards.
  • Improvement of stability and performance
  • Dead NPCs no longer scream.

Thanks to improved vehicle behavior, cars now 'stick' a little more to the road and are accordingly easier to negotiate corners.

Thanks to improved vehicle behavior, cars now “stick” a little more on the road and are therefore easier to negotiate corners.

Source: Buffed

Changes that are not in the patch notes

In addition to these changes listed by CD Projekt, players have already spotted some changes in the game that were not officially mentioned. These include:

  • The effects of the Deadeye (crit damage + crit chance), Fortuna (crit chance), Bullseye (crit damage) mods now all work and can be stacked together. In return Deadeye only gives + 7% crit chance and 20% crit damage (previously 15% and 30%) and Fortuna only 12% crit chance, no longer 15%.
  • Resistances to damage types are correctly listed in the character overview.
  • Car and motorcycle purchase quests have their own symbol on the map – you no longer have to search for what a quest is and what a vehicle is for sale.
  • Grenades have new icons in the inventory
  • V’s face is pixelated when looking at him / her with a surveillance camera (as described at the beginning of the game)
  • V now sleeps like a normal human being!

Are you giving Cyberpunk 2077 a chance with this patch? What other changes did you discover? Do you prefer to keep waiting for DLCs, more bug fixes (many perks still don’t work)? Write to us in the comments!

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