Only recently, after several postponements, the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 came onto the market for both PC and consoles. So far, however, there is no talk of porting the RPG for the Nintendo Switch – and if you can the performance problems on the old basic consoles look, that's extremely unrealistic too. Still, there is already a way to play it on the Nintendo console – if only with the help of a little trick.

This shows the YouTuber "Nintendrew", who is known for his sometimes wacky and creative actions, in his latest video. An account from the Google Stadia streaming service is used for this purpose. Since there is no official app for this on the Nintendo Switch, the YouTuber takes a detour. He uses a hacked version of the Switch that runs the Android operating system. Under these conditions it is possible to install Google Stadia on the console and thus Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 54.89 ) to play in the streaming version. In docking mode, the role-playing game even runs in 1080p resolution, and it is also possible to use two Joy-Cons and a Pro controller.

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Of course, this method is not recommended for imitation, as hacking the Nintendo Switch is associated with many risks. Still, it's quite interesting to see how inventive some fans can be when trying to get certain games to work on a particular console. The mentioned video with a more detailed explanation of the project can be found below this message.

Source: YouTube

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