April, August, November – now December 10th, 2020: Cyberpunk 2077 is pushing its release further and further, the last time it even said “No more postponements!” With an exclamation mark, oh yes. Is December 10th now fixed? Well But if not on CD Projekt Red, you can always rely on science.

Cyberpunk 2077

"That's the math proof that will show us when Cyberpunk 2077 really appears!“, It sounds in the meanwhile quite troubled Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit Forum, which has made a 180 degree turn of SOON, SOON IT WILL BE THERE to, and I quote, "🙁" has made.

Long faces require encouragement and in general – now, in these tough times, it simply requires a true, honest, factual release date to which we can adjust. Reddit user Ginkgotrees has happily taken over this, as follows: Actual data is used, such as the individual release days on which the game should appear and the space in between – which, by the way, is getting shorter and shorter.

Professor Ginkgotrees (which I don't say disparagingly, because everything he calculates is – I believe – correct) uses the exponential decay function, and it looks like this:

f (x) = A * e ^ (B * x)

Here is the calculation, and don't worry, I don't have to understand everything (but you can):

“So now we can say that the 'real' release of Cyberpunk 2077 is 469 days after the original date on April 16, so the July 29, 2021 the final release date, or close to it. "

Who is CD Projekt Red to contradict that?

Release of Cyberpunk 2077: Or is it a different approach?

But the new release date doesn't really cheer you up either; at least not me. Therefore do the math Reddit user Helforside a little different and instead only uses the time between the shifts, which is getting shorter and shorter. Until this time reaches around 0, the following postponements would have to occur:

  1. April 16 + 154 days = September 17 (already happened)

  2. September 17th + 63 days = November 19th (already happened)

  3. November 19th + 21 days = December 10th (already happened)

  4. December 10th + 7 days = December 17th

  5. December 17th + 2 days = December 19th

  6. December 19 + 0.5 days = December 19, 12 noon

  7. December 19, 12 noon + 0.125 days = December 19, 3 pm

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