Granted, Black Friday overshadowed one or the other topic this week. But didn't that happen? Not at all! As always, the top topics are in the GIGA headlines.

PlayStation 5

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PS5: Bots are buying up inventory

The fact that the PS5 was sold out so quickly may not only have been due to the limited number of products produced by Sony, an organized group of scoundrels and bad guys also played a role.

In total, a group is said to have secured 3,500 consoles through the use of bots in order to then sell them on for profit in online auction houses.

We can only guess: Don't get the consoles there, you better wait until they are available from trusted retailers. It may take a while, but the game selection is likely to be a bit larger.

Maybe there will already be a new sign of life from GTA VI.

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GTA VI: first sign of life discovered?

Some fans want to have seen that already.
In a new trailer for a map expansion from GTA Online, some coordinates were also shown. If you follow those on Google Maps you come to a country road that should look like the Roman number VI.

For us it looks more like a mirrored N, which only allows one logical conclusion: New Game Plus. So we can play GTA V again.

Or: The video editor simply packed some coordinates into the overlay.

Surface Duo: Launch in Europe could be imminent

The Surface Duo is much more likely to come.
The double-screen smartphone from Microsoft was previously only available in the USA, but that is set to change in the coming year. According to initial reports, Europe will also be supplied with the hardware, which is now almost two years old, in early 2021.

So despite the release, we may not have the best experience on the device.

Cyberpunk 2077: AMD graphics cards without ray tracing

So a similar experience as users of AMD graphics cards expect at Cyberpunk 2077. The game will be released sometime in the next few weeks and, according to a tweet from the CD Project Red community manager, it should only support ray tracing with Nvidia graphics cards.

In other words, on AMD graphics cards, the game doesn't look nearly as good as it should. But they are working with AMD to fix it as soon as possible.

Means: Shortly before Cyberpunk 2077 you can quickly get an RTX 3080, which should be as promising as buying a PS5.

Black Friday

Speaking of promising: This week was Black Friday again, which means that some retailers have reduced a few of their prices.
And if you watch on the weekend, yes, some are still running:

You can find the article with all offers here.

How much have you already spent?

A survey has shown that Germans plan to spend around 101 to 300 euros on Black Friday. With this in mind: Have fun shopping!

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