The Ascent was unveiled at Microsoft’s Inside Xbox event in early May. The game turned out to be a mixture of Diablo and Cyberpunk 2077. Visually, it is based on Cyberpunk 2077, while the gameplay is reminiscent of that of the Diablo series. The publisher Curve Digital announced a good two weeks later that the official release date of The Ascent would fall on July 29th. The Ascent is over for PC Steam, Xbox One sowie Xbox Series X und S be available and can already be pre-ordered on all platforms for a reduced price of EUR 26.99 each.

This is what the publisher says about The Ascent (buy now 25,49 € ):

The Ascent is a single player, co-op action RPG shooter set in the overpopulated cyberpunk world of Veles.

Welcome to the arcology of the Ascent Group, a corporate-run metropolis full of creatures from across the galaxy that stretches to the sky. You are a worker and slave to the corporation – just like everyone else in your district. But one day you will be drawn into a spiral of catastrophic events. Ascent Group ceases operations for reasons unknown, and the survival of your district is at stake. You have to take up arms and find out what caused this chaos.

Complete the entire game alone or play with up to 3 friends in co-op mode – locally or online.

Aim high or low, switch weapons and deadly gadgets. Take cover, take advantage of the destructible environment and be tactically flexible when you take on new opponents.

Adapt your body to your play style with cyberware. Assign skill points as you level up and creatively eliminate enemies with various augmentations.

Discover allies and enemies in the diverse world of The Ascent and collect loot in various districts, from deep slums to luxurious spheres.

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