Dataminer want to have discovered in the data for the AR game Pokémon GO that the max level should be increased soon and numerous rewards could be waiting for the players. For a better overview, a list was even created.

So far, the highest level that can be reached in Pokémon GO is level 40. However, getting there is a very long and arduous journey. Dataminer now want to have discovered a code which describes numerous items and the possible levels 41 – 50.

Someone has to say it.

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How often is this data found? no official numbers or information confirmed by Niantic. There is always data that ends in a dead end or is not used later. Still, the finder went out of his way to create a list that shows what rewards players could expect during levels 41-50.

Do you also want a higher max level? What do you think of the listing? Would you like it that way or would there have to be more? Please write us your opinion in the comments.