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The technical alpha test phase of Diablo Immortal is just around the corner and the Wowhead data miners are scouring the game files for any interesting info nuggets. The first find: the various armor sets of the monk class, which you can marvel at on the female and male in-game models.

In the foreseeable future Diablo Immortal will start technical alpha testing – so far, so known. The data miners from Wowhead take the opportunity to search through the installation files of the mobile game from Blizzard for all the interesting info nuggets. The first find: the various armor sets of the monk class, which you can marvel at on the female and male in-game models.

Before we get to the sets, we want to introduce you to the monk in a nutshell. Here is the description of the official website:

A nimble, holy warrior and master of martial arts
Monks embody the will of their country, Ivgorod, and its thousand and one gods. Monks are perfect at lightning-fast attacks and use their unmatched mobility to defeat their opponents with dizzying strokes.

  • Wave of light: Smash enemies in area with a wave of focused light.
  • Cyclone impact: Creates a whirlwind that pulls enemies in and inflicts damage on them.
  • Hit the seven fists : Jump from enemy to enemy quickly, dealing damage with seven blows.

The armor sets from the monk in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal: The Monk Class Armor Sets (2) (Source: Blizzard)

Which set do you particularly like?

By the way, five more classes have been announced for Diablo Immortal so far: the barbarian, the wizard, the demon hunter, the crusader and the necromancer. The dataminers will certainly dig up the associated armor sets here too. We will keep you up to date.

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