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The DC Comics universe is being turned inside out to make it more modern. To do this, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are being replaced by new versions.

Batman is dead and officially. Superman has been banished from earth and the gods have chosen a new Wonder Woman. The DC Comics universe is about to experience its biggest change.

Everything will be different in 2021

DC Comics is currently preparing new comics for 2021 when everything will be different. Batman has died and Gotham is now in chaos. But a new Dark Knight took his place and is now teaching the villains to fear.

Superman is no longer Clark Kent, but his son Jon. Clark had to leave the earth because he interfered in an international crisis and is now fighting on a distant world as a gladiator in order to be able to take on the dark Mongul. But Jon doesn't just have to deal with super villains, but also with Supergirl, who does not agree with the decisions of the young superhero.

In the Amazon, the gods have decided that the world needs a new Wonder Woman and hand over this responsibility to the young Yara Flor. Meanwhile, a new Justice League is trying to contain the chaos that has created these changes. To this end, the Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing, Shazam, the Teen Titans, the Green Lanterns and the Suicide Squad were merged into a new organization.

Why are there all these changes? A big event is currently taking place in DC Comics, which is supposed to shake the entire cosmos. That leads to a lot of changes.

However, these are apparently only of a temporary nature. In March 2021 things should go on as usual. What we see in the new comics only represents a possible future, which then apparently does not come to pass.

Such an epic event would also be interesting for the movies about the DC Comics and for the games.

Source: Polygon

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