DC movie The Flash brings back several actors as the dark avenger

from Matthias Brückle
While many DC fans are waiting for Robert Pattinson as the new dark knight in the upcoming Batman movie, fans of previous cast of the Batman have reason to be happy: Several actors will return to this role in The Flash's solo film.

The event starts on Saturday, August 22nd DC fandome, which should include the first scenes from the upcoming film "The Batman" by Matt Reeves. For the first time, viewers will see Robert Pattinson in action as Bruce Wayne aka Batman (sorry for the little spoiler). But for many DC fans there was already a great Batman that they are reluctant to part with: Ben Affleck. In Batman v Superman and Justice League, the actor has secured a fan base. And this one can be happy: Because in the upcoming film from The Flash will Ben Affleck against expectation to be seen again – next to Michael Keatonwho also returns to the role of Bruce Wayne.

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Michael Keaton in the iconic Batman outfit from Tim Burton's 1989 film adaptation

Michael Keaton in the iconic Batman outfit from Tim Burton's 1989 film adaptation

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Flash, Batman and the Multiverse in DC

Flash, the film about the fastest man in the world, will refer, among other things, to the popular Flashpoint comic, in which different time streams / dimensions play a role. In this way we are likely to meet several versions of Batman. On the one hand "Batlfeck" from the Snyder cosmos of the DC films and Keaton, the in Tim Burton's 1989 film contributed to the character's big mainstream breakthrough. It is not yet clear whether we will see the two actors in full gear with bat ears or only in the "civil" role as Bruce Wayne. The Flash is scheduled to appear in summer 2022, although the date can definitely be postponed due to the corona pandemic.

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Ben Affleck was initially intended to star in Matt Reeves' Batman, which is now played by Robert Pattinson. While we can hope for the first film scenes thanks to the upcoming DC fandome, filming should not continue until autumn due to Corona.

What do you think of the return of the dark knight? Has this increased your interest in Flash film? Which Batman actor do you like most? Write to us in the comments!

Source: Vanity Fair

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