At the moment it looks as if the publisher Wizards of the Coast is preparing a new book around the fantasy scenario Dragon Lance and the announcement could be made in a few days.

Are we seeing the Dragon Lance sequel soon?

Drachenlanze is one of the most popular fantasy campaign settings from D&D. A great many novels have been published since the 1980s, starting with the Chronicles of the Dragon Lance, the first book of which was published in 1984. This trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman was followed by other novels, and it was only last year that it became known that a new, final trilogy by the two authors was planned. However, there were problems that even led to a lawsuit. Wizards of the Coast did not want to publish the books anymore, which is why the authors filed a lawsuit.

Shortly before the end of last year, however, the lawsuit was suddenly dropped and Margaret Weis then said that there would be a major announcement soon. Now several online retailers are listed – including them Amazon – a mysterious new book from Wizards of the Coast. This is to be officially presented on January 12th. The release will take place on March 16. There is no title yet and no authors are named, but this fits into the current situation. It is absolutely possible that this is the first novel in a new trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. This should be done by now.

It is also conceivable that it is a new campaign set for Dragon Lance for the 5th edition of the pen & paper RPG D&D. This was suggested by actor and D&D fan Joe Manganiello. Should it be about a return of Dragon Lance and should it go down really well, then it would be absolutely conceivable that Wizards of the Coast would also commission computer games. Because the publisher currently attaches great importance to seeing its worlds in computer games, such as Baldur's Gate 3, D&D: Dark Alliance and Magic: Legends show. A dragon lance role-playing game would be very exciting.

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