In addition to Baldur's Gate 3, there is another interesting D&D game in progress: Dark Alliance. The game principle is based on fast and action-packed battles against many enemies and reminds something of Diablo.

An addition to a well-known story

The story of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance takes place shortly after the events of R.A. Salvatores novel The Cracked Crystal from 1988. You slip into the roles of well-known heroes from the book, which are led by the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. As a long-range fighter, Catti-brie is at your side, Barbar Wulfgar is the tank and dwarf Bruenor Heldenhammer is the fatherly figure and watches over his charges.

The developers at Tuque Games did not want to retell the stories from the well-known novels, but still use these heroes for their adventure. "Very early on, we (R.A. Salvatore) gave us advice that I took to heart," says Jeff Hattem, founder and creative director at Tuque Games. "It was like the books were already written and these stories were already told, and there was no point in trying to retell these stories in another medium. We worked really hard to understand who the characters were, and then take them on new adventures, but they’re in these time periods. The players can play the characters in their own way. It’s not about retelling, warming up what has already happened. We wouldn’t do it justice . "

The story of the action RPG Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is about the eponymous Jumping Crystal, which attracts monsters from near and far. Your task is to fight your way through these hordes of monsters as you try to escape from the ice desert of the Eiswind Valley.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – debut trailer of the Hack & Slay

Author R.A. Salvatore is enthusiastic about the game: "You understood the characters. Video games are very different from novels, but telling the story is the main aspect that is different. I wanted the characters to capture what I generally read in the books Tried to capture and Jeff did it. He knew who they were. The people I spoke to actually read the books. It was incredibly easy. "

The Hack and Slay Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance offers a single-player campaign, but is actually designed for 4-player co-op action and is due to be released this autumn for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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