Dungeons & Dragons is currently experiencing a renaissance, which is also due to the corona pandemic. Wizards of the Coast explained that a large number of D&D products are currently being bought and that adventures are particularly often experienced via online tools such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds – playing together at the table is currently difficult. This upswing in role-playing games is also being carried over to computer games. In addition to Baldur's Gate 3, there are other D&D titles in the works. For example Dark Alliance, an open world game from Hidden Path Entertainment and Otherside is working on a title. What could we expect here?

The worlds of Dungeons & Dragons

D & D's standard scenario is Forgotten Realms, even though the system was actually developed with another world in the 1970s: Geyhawk. However, after its introduction in 1987, the Forgotten Realms found more popularity with players over the years and thus became the main scenario of the role-playing game. But there are also other worlds, including:

  • Eberron
  • Dragon lance
  • Dark Sun
  • Spelljammer
  • Ravenloft
  • Critical Role and some more

Here are a few of the worlds in which upcoming D&D computer games could be set in order to take the focus off the Forgotten Realms and provide variety:

Eberron is a world that was only added in 2004 and was conceived by D&D fan Keith Baker as part of a contest for new worlds. Eberreon is recovering from a massive war, which makes the scenario quite bleak. In addition to magic, there is also technology, including magically created skyscrapers and the "warforged", a type of robot that was created for war. The MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online and the strategy game Dragonshard play in Eberron.

Drachenlanze plays Krynn in the world and is best known for the bestselling novel trilogies The Chronicles of the Dragon Lance and the Legends of the Dragon Lance by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Dragons play a central role and the gods intervene heavily in the action. Due to the Chaos War, these disappeared from Krynn and took the magic with them. But this could make for a very interesting new scenario in a computer game. Because a low fantasy world in the style of Game of Thrones would be something different.

The world of Athas from Dark Sun is a desert in which the peoples have to fight for survival. The reason is a special form of magic which, when used, removes life from the planet. Witcher kings rule the few city-states with an iron hand, slavery is the order of the day, as is gladiatorial fights. A trip through the desert can be fatal as there are hardly any oases with water. Dark Sun could be an interesting computer RPG with a focus on survival elements.

Spelljammer is particularly unusual. Because here it goes into space with magical sailing ships. Spelljammer connects all D&D worlds, because it is possible to travel between them. On the way there can be attacks by pirates, for example by space orcs. Spelljammer already exists as the computer game Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace from 1992, but a return to this scenario would certainly be interesting.

Ravenloft is special because it is basically not a world, but a dimension. Anyone who does extremely terrible things in the regular worlds will attract the attention of the dark forces of Ravenloft and will be led into this realm by the mists. Dark creatures like vampires, liches or werewolves rule there. Ravenloft is divided into several lands ruled by gruesome Darklords. However, they cannot cross the boundaries of their lands or escape from Ravenloft. Horror elements come first, which could make for an interesting scenario in a computer game.

Critical Role is an American web series in which synchronous repeaters play D&D. A world of its own was developed for the show, which has been running very successfully since 2015. The adventure takes place on the planet Exandria, with the current campaign focusing on the continent of Wildemount. There are very many races here, including some unusual ones, because the races like to reproduce with one another. The scenario itself is based on classic fantasy worlds such as Forgotten Realms or Dragon Lance.

We'll see in which worlds the upcoming D&D video games will take us. In any case, there is so much more than just the Forgotten Realms.


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