Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill announced as a new chapter for the game

from Dominik Zwingmann
Behavior Interactive and Konami make Silent Hill the next chapter in Dead by Daylight. Already in June the game is to be expanded with a new game card, another killer and a survivor from the horror series. Among other things, the famous Pyramid Head will soon be available. However, there is no exact date yet.

Silent Hill will celebrate a small return to Dead by Daylight this month. As the teams from Behavior Interactive and Konami announced this week, players of the asymmetrical multiplayer title can look forward to new content from the popular horror franchise in June. The chapter not only adds a new game card to Dead by Daylight, but also a new killer and another survivor. We have included the trailer for the announcement below.

The makers have already revealed the first details. Accordingly, the new killer will be the well-known Pyramid Head (or The Executioner). The monster that made its debut in Silent Hill 2 can also be seen in the trailer. The new survivor is also not an unknown figure in the series. Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of Harry and Jodie Mason, will soon be available in Dead by Daylight. After her disappearance into Silent Hill, she played a central role in history. In Dead by Daylight, Cheryl is a few years older.

The developers chose the Midwich Elementary School for the new playing card. There is no exact date for the launch of the chapter yet. There have been rumors of a reboot from Silent Hill in recent months. It was also a comeback of Silent Hills with director Hideo Kojima. Konami has already officially denied these rumors.

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